Business Service Management

About Business Service Management:

Organizations fail to keep track of their assets with respect to their relevance to business needs and it very suicidal to continue in same fashion when the cost of acquisition and management of such assets is very high. Some organizations understand this but it is too late for them to act.

Business Service Management is the strategy and an approach to link IT components to Business goals. The dependency on IT has become so tight & so close that for e.g. change in a business process affects technology and it is also true the other way round. An asset might be expensive but its benefits might be long lasting.

On the other hand an asset might be acquired because it is economical and it is understood later that it is not only redundant now but is also detrimental to effectiveness, efficiency and compliance. So for Business & IT integration Business Service Management is a must.

Our BSM Consulting services:

  • Need analysis of business expectation from IT
  • BSM solution proposition
  • Business impact measurement & business prioritizations alignment

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