Project Management for Tool Implementation

Executive Summary

Choosing right kind of solution and partner is very important aspect of ensuring the success of solution implementation, but invariably situation goes out of control due to poor project management. In-house resources generally are already engaged in balancing act between various projects and operational escalations. Such situations lead to lack of focus and poor project monitoring and control leading to delays and projects and non fulfilment of business case objectives. Stakeholders start losing their interest in the project and project sponsor may ultimately seize funding project. Project is either put on hold or scrapped leading to business losses and huge business impact. Therefore project management is pertinent for successful tool implementations

Business Benefits 

  • Greater standing and competitive edge for business
  • Minimal software customization which will save money during implementation
  • Opportunities to expand business: Great performance from successful tool implementation will lead to more opportunities to succeed.

Internal Team Benefits

Improved growth and development within internal teams involved in projects

End Customer Benefits

Improved/increased/enhanced customer satisfaction: With successful tool implementation client will be satisfied

Why QLogy

QLogy consultants can play vital role in managing the project with clear focus on business case objectives to deliver the business value. Since QLogy consultants carry vast industry experience and deep understanding of industry best practices, they can contribute greatly in managing the projects for tool implementation.

Addressing Pressing Issues 

  • Unrealistic expectation from tools
  • Inability to extract information required to manage the project
  • Timely completion of project as per scope and in set cost
  • Inadequate preparation & training of staff

 Some of the issues as mentioned above and various others can be addressed using project management

Next Steps

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