Project Management using Scrum

Executive Summary

Most often the project work is not prioritised considering the business value. Project teams end up delivering the project as per the project priority and not as per business priority. By adopting the SCRUM based approach the project teams will be able to align the delivery to business needs. SCRUM is proven Agile development methodology to ensure that earned value of a project is always at the optimum level and the assets created during the project will be able to help business achieving their business outcomes in a timely manner.

Business Benefits

  • Increase in Quality
  • Increased risk assessment
  • Enhanced effectiveness
  • On time delivery of projects
  • Better time to market
  • Helps launch the new products and services within defined Scope, Time and Budget

Internal Team Benefits

  • Standardized processes
  • Reduced documentation
  • Cost reduction
  • Optimizes resource (people, time, money etc) utilization
  • Minimizes the cost and schedule overruns

End Customer Benefits

  • Customer gets most beneficial work first.
  • Work done will better meet the customers’ needs.

Why QLogy

QLogy has adopted SCRUM in various scenarios rather than just development projects. SCRUM has been applied by QLogy in as diverse field as Sales & Marketing.

Addressing Pressing Issues

    • Improving productivity by Identification of problems at early stage
    • Maintaining appropriate schedules for project delivery.

Key Points as mentioned above and many others can be addressed using Scrum based project execution

Next Steps

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