Executive Summary
It has been observed that even after putting lot of efforts in implementing the process and systems they fail to deliver the desired outcomes. This can be attributed to lack of controls and governance in organisations. Many times organisations feel that there is lack of transparency and management craves to set up the governance structure. CobiT is the proven governance framework for Information technology but can also be applied for governance of services and its process. QLogy has played an instrumental role in helping organisation to set up the governance structure using CobiT.
Business Benefits
  • Better alignment of needs and IT capabilities.
  • Better interaction and communication between IT and business using CobiT guidelines so that IT understands business objectives and business understands what IT does
  • COBIT initiatives help the organization meet its business objectives through IT as its backbone.
  • COBIT controls help implement IT Governance
  • COBIT helps save resources through process, application, people and infrastructure alignment.
Internal Team Benefits
  • Better definition of ownership and responsibilities since these are based upon a process orientation
End Customer Benefits
  • Proper control and governance shall enhance customer serviceability
Why QLogy
QLogy has played an instrumental role in helping organization to set up the governance structure using CobiT.
Addressing Pressing Issues
  • Better Control and Governance
  • Linking specific IT control models to overall business control models (for example COSO ).
  • Identifying meaningful measures of IT implementations thus enabling senior management to measure return on investment on IT spends.
Various points as above and many more are always a challenge for organizations to meet & COBIT can address these challenges
Next Steps

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