Executive Summary
Accountability and transparency of an organisation's management is ultimately extended to the investors and stakeholders. Weak internal controls on accounting and financial activities may lead to very embarrassing situations for an organisations and end having CEO/CFO in jails and heavy penalties resulting investors' confidence and trust. For this not to happen or avoid Public corporations in U.S.A and their subsidiaries world across are governed by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act effective from July 2002 and applicable for not for profit organisations from 2005. The act has no relevant international standard so far but the requirements for compliance can be achieved by following frameworks like CobiT, COSO etc.
Business Benefits
  • The cost of compliance may be balanced by improved efficiency and quality.
  • Greater shareholder confidence through a superior financial reporting process.
  • Greater Risk-adjusted Return on Equity
  • Collaborative Risk Management
  • Benefits from Audits
  • Superior Financial Reporting Process
Internal Team Benefits
  • Assessment of internal control
End Customer Benefits
  • Accountability and transparency of Management
  • Increased Investors’ confidence and trust.
Why QLogy

QLogy has expertise and knowledge in implementing the controls in organizations with the much necessary and desirable depth. Moreover the variety of competencies within can cater to the very variety of requirements ranging from Business Control to accounting/financial controls to IT controls.

Addressing Pressing Issues
  • Financial Issues shall be overcome by SOX by:
    By Streamlining Financial Reporting Structure and Process
    Enhanced Disclosure and Real Time Disclosure

Next Steps

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