Enterprise Architeture

What is Enterprise Architecture:

“Enterprise Architecture is the process used by a business to make explicit representations of enterprise operations and resources, rather than relying on implicit notions or understanding in individual managers’ heads.” Stan Loche"

Design of Enterprise Information Architecture is most important to ensure IT Services are stable to deliver business value and IT teams are responsive to changing business needs. Most often the complexity of IT increases because of poor Information Architecture leading to lot of rework which leads extra cost and time which has adverse impact on time to market and profitability

Our Consulting Services:

  • Enterprise Architecture Assessment & Review
  • Enterprise Architecture Tools Selection
  • Enterprise Architecture Governance and Auditing
  • Enterprise Architecture Framework definition, development and establishment based on best industry frameworks
  • Opportunities Analysis through Enterprise Architecture
  • Enterprise Architecture for Strategy Planning
  • Enterprise Architecture Project and Programme Management Resourcing
  • Enterprise Architecture “Gap Analysis ”
  • Enterprise-wide IT Strategy and Roadmap

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