Green IT

 What is Green IT 

Green IT is a collection of strategic and tactical initiatives that directly reduces the carbon footprint of an organisation’s computing operation. However, Green IT is not just focused on reducing the impact of the ICT industry. It is also focused on using the services of ICT to help reduce the organisation’s overall carbon footprint.

Definition, courtesy Mark G. O’Neill

QLogy helps organizations to address their environmental responsibilities while reducing the operational costs and maintaining the agreed service levels by enabling them in contributing to the Green IT revolution.

Our Consulting Services

Green Audit:

This will comprise auditing your-

  • Current IT processes from Green  findings perspective
  • Analysis of your current infrastructure and carbon footprint
  • Key measurements for  energy consumption related levels such as energy efficiency, power usage etc

Green Solutions Proposition:

  • Technology recommendations for going green and benefitting from same

-We can recommend virtualization solutions to you

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