CI Valuation

Executive Summary

CI i.e. Configuration Item is any asset that needs to be managed to deliver IT services (ITIL Definition). So it could be an asset and most if the times is looked at from asset management perspective only. But this satisfies only Financial management rationale. But it is most important to look at CIs from service management perspective. How a certain component of service, contributes to the service delivery is very important to understand. Investment of a certain service component always gets approved after consideration of return on investment. Now what role does a certain component play in in service configuration or supporting services configuration, what value it adds upto the total service management objective is one of very key knowledge areas that an organization always looks up to and requires updated information on this from time to time. Most of the problem management , availability management and continuity management techniques depend upon CI relationships so as to understand the impact and prioritize the actions so as to minimize the overall business impact

Business Benefits
  • Reduction in business impacts of outages and incidents caused by inaccurate impact analysis and faulty CI valuation
  • Much better visibility and control of assets which will be tracked  as configuration items
Internal Team Benefits
  • Configuration Items will be identified which are the cause of service failures
  • Re-use and redistribution of under-utilized resources and assets will be much  better with use of this service
  • Their will be much better accuracy in budgets and charges for the assets utilized by each customer or business unit
  • Reduced  errors caused by people working with out-of date information
End Customer Benefits
  • They will be able to use  IT services successfully w/o any business impacts and service interruptions due to enhanced impact analysis and prioritisation
Why QLogy

QLogy intends to bring to the table not only the technical considerations but also the business acumen that is required while designing the service management approach. QLogy  professionals have worked on related projects and understand the big picture and relevance of an organizational asset

Addressing Pressing Issues

Ensuring the integrity of the assets and configuration items requires to control the services and IT infrastructure  which in turn needs :Identification, control, recording, reporting, audit and verifying service assets and configuration items

Many  times organisations loose the track of assets that have , what is their value and when the time comes to put them into use or extract valid information form them they don’t have required details

Addressing these challenges can be done via right CI valuation, required control of assets and having required updated information available of these Configuration items.

Next Steps

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