Service Catalogue Management

Executive Summary

The Service Catalogue is a must because it provides a central source of information on the IT services delivered by the service provider organization. This in turn helps to ensure that all areas of the business can view an accurate, consistent picture of the IT Services, their details and their status. It can provide customer-facing view of the IT services in use, how they are intended to be used, the business processes they enable, and the levels and quality of service the customer can expect for each service.

Business Benefits
  • Improved communication between business units and IT department
  •  Provides opportunity to run various reports  when automated helping significantly improve quality of decision-making
  •  Provides opportunity to prioritize IT services thereby avoiding misuse of IT
  • Providing transparency and rationale for IT expenditures
Internal Team Benefits
  • Having access to service catalogue information enables employees to make informed decisions and enhances job satisfaction.
  • Service catalogue metrics that are captured when automated can provide insights into additional opportunities for operational improvement.
  • Reduces routine workload for staff in various departments and allows staff to focus on high value initiatives of strategic importance
End Customer Benefits
  • Increases  customer satisfaction  and allows to choose the correct level of IT service for their needs
Why QLogy

QLogy has expertise in implementing service catalogue for organisations and has added value by doing such projects and delivering value to customer where in adequate details of services were collected after detailed study of requirements and were provided using automation for business as well as IT view

Addressing Pressing Issues

Generally the issues faced which organisations face that can be addressed using service catalogue with consulting expertise are as below:

  • Accurate and updated information that should be available to business as well as IT
  • electing and deciding tools and resources that will be required to maintain information for services
Next Steps

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