Service Portfolio Management

Executive Summary
Every Service in your portfolio engages important resources of organization increasing the cost of running services. Organizations worldwide have realized that every service in the portfolio has to deliver a specific value to cost ratio to really create a business value. Also we have to ensure that we keep on improving upon value to cost ratio for long term success of business.
There are many services which can be optimized, rationalized, refactored or retired to deliver enhanced value to cost ratio ultimately delivering competitive advantage to business in the market space.
Business Benefits
  • Increased cost-efficiency through the consolidation of duplicate services, enhancement of inefficient services, and retirement of low-value, unnecessary, or unused services
  • Tighter alignment between IT services and strategic business goals
Internal Team Benefits
  • More intelligence decision-making regarding service creation, improvement, delivery, and retirement
  • Improved productivity of IT support staff, through a better identification of and increased focus on those services that offer the most value
  • Greater insight into the impact that IT services have on the performance of the business
End Customer Benefits
  • An enhanced ability to meet the service demands of end users
Why QLogy
QLogy consultants come with vast technical experience and great business understanding which puts them at enviable position which can measure business value from of each service and process being run in Service Portfolio leading to optimization which enhances the overall value to cost ration to business in line with business strategy as well without compromising the tactical initiatives.
Addressing Pressing Issues
Positioning IT organization as a strategic partner to the business is a challenge which can be overcome using our consulting expertise for service portfolio management
Next Steps
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