ITSM using ISO 20000

Executive Summary

IT has become an integral part of organisation models of modern day organisations. Traditionally run organisations have also equipped themselves with appropriate IT capabilities and resources. But businesses have failed to achieve desired growth, scale, efficiency and effectiveness in spite of having IT services. This can be attributed poorly managed IT services. ISO 20000 is an international standard to help organisation follow the right process with the help of specifications/minimum requirements of this standard and also the recommendations of the industry best practices.

Business Benefits
  • Provides a benchmark type comparison with best practices
  • Creates competitive advantage via the promotion of consistent and cost-effective services.
  • Supports 'interchanging' of service providers and staff by virtue of the creation of inter-enterprise operational processes.
  • Reduction of risk and thus cost in terms of external service receipt
  • Enhanced reputation and perception
  • Through standard consistent approach, aids major organizational changes.
Internal Team Benefits
    • By requiring ownership and responsibility at all levels, it creates a progressive ethos and culture.
    • Improved relationship between different departments via better definition and more clarity in terms of responsibility and goals.
End Customer Benefits
  • More customer serviceability and satisfaction because off Fundamental shift to pro-active rather than re-active processes
Why QLogy

QLogy has delivered several assignments to help organization implement and achieve not only the certification but the very demonstrable improvement. QLogy has a very strong capabilities on ITIL towards which ISO 20000 process are strongly inclined. Moreover QLogy has members who are also Certified Lead Auditors for ISO 20000 and thus can play instrumental role in Organizational readiness for internal as well as external audits.

Addressing Pressing Issues

Using ISO20000 the organizations can address Issues such as:

  • Alignment of information technology services and business strategy.
  • Having formal framework for current service improvement projects
  • Having stable framework for both resource training and service management automation
Next Steps

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