About Lean:

Lean Six Sigma is a synergized managerial concept of Lean and Six Sigma that results in the elimination of the seven kinds of wastes/muda (classified as Defects, Overproduction, Transportation, Waiting, Inventory, Motion and Over-Processing)

Current Challenges:

Quality is looked upon as icing on the cake. But nobody bothers about the inherent quality of the cake. Quality delivery is a very complex mix of right governance, right processes, right metrics & measurement and right decisions.

The Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ) impacts the organisation to a level where they become non competitive in the market space. Doing the root cause analysis with the traditional knowledge is always not possible and organisation needs the statistical approach to do the root cause analysis and guide the improvement initiatives.

Six sigma combined with Lean methodology has become a powerful weapon in the arsenal of organisation who want to outwit competition.

Our Consulting Services for Lean:

  • Implementing lean sigma methodology based on best practices
  • Identifying, eliminating waste, & optimizing your existing processes
  • Specialised Continuous process improvement (DMAIC) projects
  • Design and redesign of processes as well as new products &service

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