Business Process Automation

Executive Summary

Gone are the days when Business and IT alignment used to be a charming management mantra. What is desired today by Business organizations is Business and IT integration. IT applications today have not merely remained as small utilities but have become the part of Business engines by all and most means...How does an IT application live up to the business activities and work at par with IT service taking up the maximum delivery of business service on its own. This is why businesses are looking at Business Process Automation where in they can automate business process workflows and get better results with better control and visibility.

Business Benefits

  • Reduced Costs and Improved Profits: Results in reduced costs, ability to take on more work, and improved profitability. All things any company is seeking.
  • Shorter Cycle Times: By automating processes consistency is assured, and cycle times to complete the process are shortened. Getting the product or service to the end user or to market quicker can result in significant financial benefits.
  • Corporate Governance and Compliance: Process automation can help internal teams within the company to abide with compliance issues surrounding regulations like the SOX etc for Corporate Governance. Process automation ensures your processes are followed as they are laid out.

Internal Team Benefits

  • Consistent Process Implementation: Process automation makes the process easy to understand and enforces adherence to the process steps. This eliminates missed steps in manual processes, resulting in consistent, reliable measures that assist in making decisions and implementing process improvements.
  • Ability to Quickly Implement Change: Automated process provide reliable, consistent information which enables organisation to recognize the need for change or improvement quickly and then to make that change and put it into effect in a faster and more controlled manner than with a manual process. This provides an important business advantage.
  • Improved Efficiency: Increases efficiency thus resulting in reduction of labor hours, time span, and increased throughput. Hence individuals can work more efficiently and can take on new or additional workloads. Therefore challenge of being asked to do more with less can be accomplished

End Customer Benefits

Improved Customer Service and Satisfaction. Customers are much more satisfied when they receive timely, top quality products and services.

Why QLogy

QLogy believes that only that there has to be integrated approach to manage services whether it is IT service or Business service. QLogy can deliver the automation services in various models which would be flexible and meet the ultimate needs of its customers.

Addressing Pressing Issues

Many times it is seen that when business processes are being run manually there

are lot of issues with regards to getting right information in given time or loss of important information resulting in business losses .These need to be looked into which can help address challenges as below as well:

Better processes produce lower costs, motivated employees, and happier customers. This can be achieved by process automation or will become the roadblock in companies success if not addresse

Also having visibility and control of the business processes is a challenge which it can solve

Process optimisation and continual improvement is pertinent for organisations growth which can be achieved from automation systems that can capture and collect critical measurements or key performance indicators and make that data available to facilitate process optimization.

Next Steps

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