CMMI for Process Maturity

It is not just about the number of processes that are implemented in an organisation that tell about how mature an organisation is. It is in fact the maturity, the depth of the processes that are implemented in it. Not just the breadth but depth also is of paramount importance which needs to be measured. With help of its Maturity models CMMI has given the world the measures of the depth in the Development space (CMMI-Dev), Acquisition space(CMMI-Acq) and Services space(CMMI-Svc).

Business Benefits

It is a framework that enable an organization to "build the right products right". Organizational activities get explicitly linked to business objectives resulting in :

  • Increased quality
  • More accurate schedules
  • Lower development costs
  • Substantial return on investment

Internal Team Benefits

  • Increase in Productivity of internal teams
  • Improved employee morale

End Customer Benefits

  • Improved relationships with the customer / supplier by helping improvisation of own processes
  • Increased Quality and on time delivery
  • Better customer satisfaction

Addressing Pressing Issues

Process Maturity of the company shall be improved by CMMI thus resulting in overcoming various process related issues in an organization

Next Steps

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