Tool Evaluation & Selection

About Tool Evaluation & Selection:

There are many organizations that have potential to make it really big and go beyond the existing milestones set and many of these organization fail miserably in doing so by making wrong choices sometimes because of lack of knowledge, experience and sometimes because of lack of clarity of vision and compatibility, alignment & integration of Business strategy and IT strategy. Technology investments are huge and end up eating big share of business budgets both capital and operational. And once investments are made it becomes necessary for an organization to recover the money from that investment though that technological solution could be altogether a wrong choice for them therefore selecting right technology is an important decision for an organisation

Our Services:

  • Review of current tools & technologies
  • Migration strategy for new tool implementation
  • Recommending a tool as per requirements to client

-This will include setting up a project team for tool selection

-Documenting tool requirements and assistance for formulating RFI and RFP

-Research assistance for potential vendor shortlist

-Negotiation & contract assistance & guidance for finalized vendor

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