Vendor Evaluation & Selection


About Vendor Evaluation & Selection:


Vendors are no more just vendors but they are partners in delivering the services to the end customer. The last decade has really been an eye-opener to the very phenomenon of evolution of vendors for IT services like never before. Not outsourcing is not an option today.


Great practitioners and theorists have also started acknowledging the partners'(vendors') importance to service provisioning. They used to talk about 3 Ps i.e. People, Process & Products...but not have added this 4th P for Partners.


Vendor association with service provider today has become a very 'strategy' deliverable. What market spaces that you can cater to and what customers you end up gaining & retaining depends very much on the overall performance of association of service provider & its vendor


Our Service Offerings:


Setting up of vendor selection process within your organisation


Carrying out individual activities in silo for client specific needs as below for vendor selection:


  • Assistance for Request for Proposal (RFP) creation
  • Setting up Vendor Short listing criteria for sending RFP
  • Setting up RFP evaluation and scoring mechanisms
  • Vendor Contracting specific assistance for negotiation and contract formulation



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