Integration Service

Cloud Integration Service
Most of the customer applications that have the potential to be migrated to the cloud for cost, scalability, and availability considerations are not standalone and, in fact, have interfaces with other applications on-premise at customer location or external applications used by the customer. As cloud integration is a distributed architecture and has repercussions on system performance, it is essential to design the application architecture properly to minimize real-time data exchange between the cloud application and customer on-premise applications.

QLogy has great expertise in managing complex system integration projects for ensuring a smooth migration of the customer applications to the cloud. Our competency teams understand the capabilities and limitations of the leading cloud platforms and are better equipped to consult and guide customers in design, development, and testing of applications deployed on the cloud.

Our Cloud Integration Service Portfolio includes,

  • Integrating Existing On-premise Applications with SaaS Applications.
  • Integrating SaaS Applications with other Cloud Applications.

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