Java ME

The revolution in global technology brings the reign of wireless expertise in the form of smart mobile devices. Java ME is a powerful new mobile application development technology and has emerged as the world's most popular mobile platform. It is easily accessible on GSM and CDMA handsets. It is supported by the major phone manufactures such as Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, BlackBerry, and many more. Java ME supported wireless phones comprise over 80 percent of all handsets.

Our team of experts is quite unique experimenting each and  every day to build best apps in the marketplace. Java ME team is well- versed with the latest happenings in java market.

We have all the expertise to accept challenges and serve the clients to the fullest. The team is highly experienced with Wireless Tool Kit (WTK), Netbeans & Eclipse Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), Java ME Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), CLDC & MIDP Framework, BlackBerry Framework, and device specific functionalities & APIs.


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