Apps & Games Testing

As the mobile devices become so ubiquitous, the requirement for reliable mobile testing services has become even more compelling.

Enterprise applications delivered on mobile devices are extending the workforce like never before. Many applications that were deployed as desktop applications are now being ported on mobile devices.
These applications are empowering workforces across various functions, especially those in sales, supply chain, field support, and shop floor.

Mobile applications are often built to be as agile and robust as PC based applications. To meet the challenges mobile application testing has evolved as a business opportunity and a separate specialized stream of testing.

We provide apps and games testing services in real devices. Our testing lab has variety of latest real mobile devices to test and deliver bug free apps.

Our testing methodology would take into consideration a number of characteristics unique to the mobile paradigm:

      1. Increased complexity of emerging handheld devices.

      2. Greater sensitivity, security, and load related problems in wireless infrastructure.

      3. Increased complexities of scale.

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