Content Creation

Mobile content has always been most interesting and lively part of mobility business. Now days you name a content and the same day it is there in your mobile.
Thanks to proliferation, technological advancement in mobility, and interest of users to make use of mobile phones more than just for making and receiving calls.
This great penetration in variety of mobile contents also highgraded the skill expectations in mobile content industry.

We have capability to deliver quality mobile contents like wallpaper, ringtone, calendar, MMS, audio & video, themes, screensaver, flash themes, etc. for all the platforms.

Our team of experienced communication strategists, editors, writers, reporters, photographers, and designers is empowered to liaise directly with clients to best understand their requirements and tailor products accordingly enabling our clients to derive the maximum benefits out of synergized content offerings.

We have experienced and creative design & development team that keeps us at the forefront of technology and trends with our extensive in-house training.


Explore the best in place Content potential with QLogy!

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