Game Development

Mobile games have come a long way from the time of "Snake game”. With the advent of smartphones, technological advancement, and focus on creating user centric, interactive games; mobile has become the core source of entertainment and learning. The enhancements in mobile phone technologies and the ease with which games can be accessed and played have led to the popularity of mobile games.

We deal in all the game categories like action game, adventure game, card game, sport game, strategy game, role playing game (RPG), etc. for all our supporting platforms. You always need to have an amazing designing and developing skill to build quality games that can be sold in the industry.

Out team has awesome expertise in mobile game development for variety of platforms. A game is more than an idea finessed onto a platform. Designing games is hard work and a good game design requires dedication and execution by highly skilled and talented artisans. In short, if you are going to do it, then it must be “Done Right.”

At QLogy we design games around marketable ideas, player retention, and with a focus on monetization. We want our gamers to enjoy their gaming experience, to continue to play and to develop a “working relationship” with us. You know that you can depend on us, to deliver quality content, superior game play, and exceptional user experiences.

Our approach to game development involves focusing on the player, keep the game invigorating, drive it through an excellent storyline, power it through mind blowing graphics, and adorn it with synchronous background music and sound.


We have the highest expectations of ourselves and our work. We are gamers after all!

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