Business Intelligence

Executive Summary
The success of organization depends on the ability of people to make right and timely decisions. Not taking decision is worst than wrong decisions. Decision making needs lot of data and information in a right context with knowledge of historical information to be able shape the future. The world renowned business intelligence solutions which can present different views to different stakeholders from same set of data and information. The quality of dashboard helps decision makers to take quick and effective decisions thereby improving overall effectiveness and efficiency of organization.
Business Benefits
Helps align the organization towards its key objectives.
Enables faster and fact-based decision making.
Combines multiple sources of data for decision making Efficient collection and distribution of vital data and statistics.
Internal Team Benefits
BI in all departments of an organisation
Single point of access to information
Improve operational efficiency
All employees can use strategic information
End Customer Benefits
Meeting or Exceeding customer expectations using customer data
Why QLogy
QLogy has thorough experience in taking business intelligence solution to new level of maturity with the help of strong business background, where we help organizations to look beyond traditional scorecards and reporting mechanisms.
Addressing Pressing Issues

Accessing data in a common format from multiple sources and being able to measure goals and analyzing cross-departmental data is challenge which many organizations face.

Various issues such as one above can be addressed using Pentaho Solution.


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