Communication Management

Executive Summary
Cost of communications is major overhead for any organization irrespective of communications done internally or with external world. CAPEX and OPEX involved results in big hole in the pockets of organizations. When it comes to streamlining communications and call centre solutions there is no better solution than Asterisk which provides you power to customize it to implement it as integrated communication solution for organizations. As compared to proprietary solutions value to cost ratio delivered by Asterisk is much better compared to any other available solution in the market.
Business Benefits
  • Better Scalable, as the organization grows it is much easier and cost effective to scale up to increased number of users.
  • Reduced Capex and Opex
  • Increased Serviceability by Clarity of voice and faster queuing which helps in resolving customer queries
Best voice communication
Internal Team Benefits
  • Better communication between teams
  • Queue handing efficiently and effectively
Efficient call routing, transfer etc
End Customer Benefits
Uninterrupted clarity of Voice increases the customer satisfaction
Available Solutions

Asterix solutions

Why QLogy
QLogy has resources to help you build overall communication strategy integrated with your service management strategy and business processes. In-depth understanding of various best practices puts QLogy in enviable position as service provider to help you garner best value from your initiatives & investments in managing your communication processes be it in Project Management, Service Management, Sales Force Automation or other solutions..
Addressing Pressing Issues

QLogy shall help you answer the communication related Pressing Issues by

  • Help in fast service with call and client history
  • Help in queuing the calls and giving better service
  • No manual intervention in converting the streams
Reduce calling cost
Next Steps

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