Customer Relationship Management

Executive Summary
Cost of acquiring customer is always much higher than retaining the customers. Organizations get shaped as per the market space they are operating in. In the knowledge based economy every individual customer is a market space and it is imperative to know him well so that organization can shape themselves as per specific needs and wants of the ever demanding customers. CRM Applications help organizations to facilitate each customer communication and relation with a professional & personal touch. Giving the feeling that every customer is important and different gives personal attention to details of customer needs. These applications can be very well integrated with other business management solutions like ERP, Service Management, and Support Centre etc. QLogy has implemented these solutions with CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) for delivering maximum value to business.
Business Benefits
      Better customer service is achieved
      Organizations can gain the competitive edge
      Organizations can concentrate more on production
    Companies can monitor their performances regularly
Internal Team Benefits
      It reduces the sales communication gaps
      Track faster sales status
      Building more relationship with more people
      Teamwork within the organization is achieved
    End to End Sales cycle management from Campaigns, Leads, Potentials, Quotes, and Invoices.
End Customer Benefits
Customers have detailed profiles assigned to them
Repeating of same information shall me minimal
Available Solutions
Sugar CRM
Why QLogy
QLogy consultants have domain specific expertise in customizing CRM according your business requirements. QLogy has implemented these solutions with CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) for delivering maximum value to business.
Addressing Pressing Issues
  • Better Segregation of Leads, Potentials, Contacts by detailed profiling
  • Better tracking of contacts
  • Customized reports for Management

Some key points mentioned above and many more are addressed using CRM solution

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