About openDCIM: openDCIM, a web based Data Center Infrastructure Management application it means many different things to many different people, and there is a multitude of commercial applications available. openDCIM does not contend to be a function by function replacement for commercial applications. Instead, openDCIM covers the majority of features needed by the developers - as is often the case of open source software. The software is released under the GPL v3 license, so you are welcome to take it, modify it, and share it with others, as long as you acknowledge where it came from.

Our Services for Communication Solution:

  • Present Technology Solution Maturity Assessment
  • Technology Solution Evaluation and Selection
  • End to End Technology Solution Consulting
  • Implementation with Functional / Technical level Customization
  • Admin and User Trainings
  • Post Implementation Support


Business Benefits     

  • Improve IT and Data Center efficiency
  • Improve Energy Efficiency in Data Centers
  • Optimize Cost of Manual Asset Management
  • Designed for flexibility can adapt to changing business conditions
  • Reaching to the next tier to be more competitive in the Industry
  • Increases the customer database
  • Ease of Managing Suppliers / Vendors
  • Efficient Disaster Management

Internal Team Benefits       

  • Meeting up the OLAs resulting in minimizing SLA breaches
  • Improved systems/ applications availability as business critical application demands 99.9999% uptime
  • Increased competence, capability and productivity of teams
  • Less Security breaches and Human errors
  • RACI shall decrease the possibility of ambiguity among roles and their responsibilities
  • Retaining the trained DC facility

End Customer Benefits       

  • Since a design aspect considers all parameters of Capacity, Availability, and Continuity, the customer reliability increases.
  • Scaling to future business needs as per Patterns observed on business activities.
  • Less SLA breaches and better serviceability increases the customer satisfaction.

Why QLogy   

QLogy has extensive experience helping organizations optimize their IT operations based on industry best practices. We help to address the pressing issues while automating the processes of the Data Center so as to ensure its Availability, Capacity, Continuity, Security to reach the agreed Service Levels and managing all external contracts & procurements with suppliers and vendors by effective Supplier Management.


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