Simple HRM

About SimpleHRM:  SimpleHRM is an Open Source Human Resource Management(HRM) Software for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) worldwide. It is one of the most preferred and widely used HRM solution.

Our Services for HRMS solution:

  • Present Technology Solution Maturity Assessment
  • Technology Solution Evaluation and Selection
  • End to End Technology Solution Consulting
  • Implementation with Functional / Technical level Customization
  • Admin and User Trainings
  • Post Implementation Support



Business Benefits:

  • Acting in alignment of individual goals to organizational goal which will provide for a platform to agree on many viewpoints and actions
  • Supports informed decision making through reporting feature will allows the managers to take right decisions
  • Automates error prone manual processes, achieving considerable reduction in administrative time and cost and business process time.
  • Providing a platform for better business to employee communication thereby leading the way for a transparent, positive organizational culture and higher productivity levels amongst employees.


Internal Team Benefits:

  • Employees of respective departments will be benefited with much better accuracy and maintenance of their HR related details such as leave etc
  • Giving all employees web based access to select HR processes thereby reducing time spent on administrative activities and hence enhancing individual and corporate productivity.
  • These services will empower HR to engage and manage the real assets in business: That is the People
  • Performance management will be more effective and will help internal teams and indirectly eradicate issues of blame games
  • Recruitment team can benefit with much better recruitment tracking and employee coming on board

End Customer Benefits:

  • Better organized HR and Recruitment using these solutions will provide a motivated, efficient and effective task force which will service client needs much faster and adequately

Our Expertise HRM Solution:

QLogy team can help you reengineer your HRM processes and automate them using right HRM solutions as per your identified needs. We have proven depth and understanding of these systems to customize it to your specific needs.