Project Management

Executive Summary
Organizations grow by creating assets and then earning revenues out of it. Which assets to create is a Portfolio Management decision, but once the decision is taken organization have failed to deliver the results within the define Scope, Cost & Time constraints. Not delivering projects within defined triple constraints of scope, cost and time can cause more harm to the businesses than just a lost time and money. Successful Project execution is one of the key differentiators between successful and unsuccessful organizations. It has been observed that highly experienced project managers fail to deliver the desired results with big dent in the strategic initiatives of the organizations. Lack of visibility and control in the organization coupled with poor communications leads to sure failure of projects. When it comes to visibility and control of projects there definitely is need for automated solution for institutionalizing the overall project management practices thereby minimizing the impact of poorly managed projects on the organization.
Business Benefits
Will help managers to predict costs and make more informed decisions. Will helps managers identify ill-conceived and directionless projects.
Internal Team Benefits
Team leaders and individual team members can use this software to manage every facet of the project.
The tracking features allow project members to track progress, milestones, deadlines and cost. Priorities and resources can be adjusted accordingly throughout the project.
Team members will be more accountable for their tasks because their daily progress is tracked by the software and viewable by the group.
This will provide more transparency because every action related to the project is recorded in the system. This provides an objective overview of the project from its launch through to completion.
Improved growth and development within your team
End Customer Benefits
Improved/Increased customer satisfaction: project done on time and under budget
Available Solutions
Dot Project
Project Open
Why QLogy
QLogy has great insights into industry best practices for managing projects and operations and differentiating them on common sense principles create and deliver more strategic assets leading to highly successful growth. QLogy team of technical experts with support and guidance from seasoned professionals and SMEs in the space of project management will be able to tailor project management solutions to match the exact need of the organization.
Addressing Pressing Issues
These solutions will help us  manage project with constant tracking  of cost, quality and time for project activities and hence ensuring timely


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