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How many times have we seen a step motherly treatment being meted out to ITIL? Pockets of resistance, rumblings, cracks. The works i would say. Most of these instances can be directly attributed to the lack of expectations management amongst the stakeholders. This has to start with commitment from top management and their vote of confidence starts with their perceptions on ITIL, in terms of the needs, benefits, the possible costs and most importantly ROI.

I was a victim of a “closed door” ITIL implementation, wherein a team of “experts” declared the processes in use as “balderdash” and unleashed on us a hailstorm of the mighty TEN (thankfully ITIL v2 spoke of only 10 processes. Imagine if we had to grapple with the 26 in question now). Even our CTO was blissfully unaware of the developments and had his mouth agape like a fish out of water (the only positive sign of a monumental “betrayal”). I joined ranks with the resistance group and we vetoed all moves we thought would infringe upon our territory. To cut a long story short it was aeons before the first process was even considered and by then a large band of the company loyalists had abandoned ship.

What we need is not just a bunch of certificate wielding, smart talking revolutionaries, but a set of missionaries who can empathise with and address the turmoil that an organization will go through whenever a shakeup is unleashed.

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