New Technology Trend in Mobility-The Sailfish Way!

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on Monday, 21 January 2013 in Mobility Solutions

Sailfish is a Linux-based mobile operating system developed by Jolla for use in its upcoming smartphones and can be used for any of mobile devices. Mobile phone manufacturers (e.g. Nokia, Samsung, etc.) will be able to license and use Sailfish on a phone, similarly like Android, in fact the whole Sailfish OS is to be licensed as the open source.

Sailfish will be compatible with Android apps thanks to built in Alien Dalvik layer from Myriad Group, known from running Android apps. Many Android applications will run on Jolla devices unchanged. Jolla's Sailfish OS works in a tablet too.

Jolla has already demonstrated its Sailfish SDK at the Slush Event, 2012 in Helsinki, Finland. But developers are eagerly waiting for the availability of SDK for them so that they can be a part of the open platform and start developing apps. No more wait for the things to happen as Jolla has announced on its Wiki Main page that the SDK for Sailfish will be made available early in First Quarter of 2013. This is what the original words are, “We are improving based on the feedback we have got from the community and the SDK will be available for download in early Q1 2013. Stay tuned on these shores.”

Looking forward to the day and it will be interesting how many developers show interest in this open fire. This will be a huge day for the MeeGo users as well as their community is short and will expand only if Sailfish is made compatible with MeeGo devices along with the compatibility of Sailfish apps which will depend upon the developers’ interest to do so. Also, the community needs to be dynamic.

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