Social Networking:Users should Play it Safe

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on Wednesday, 27 June 2012 in QLogyPortal

With so many social networking sites these days , many of which are popular it facebook , twitter and many more getting added on .

The obvious question is how safe users actually are when using them .

These sites have  become something one cant do without , a medium of expression , communication , information availability in the virtual world.

With so much to offer also their is the negative side,the side which one does not look with inhibition unless and untill the calamity strikes , the virtual calamity of data theft , viruses, malwares , spywares , privacy attacks etc.

So how much information to share , how much not to is something that the users needs to decide , now that many of these sites have become the breeding ground for advertising as well and  users data is shared by many of these networking sites.

So Playing it safe is a must , at least users should follow the basics of changing passwords frequently , reading messages recieved with utmost scrutiny before accepting , being aware and making use of security controls provided by these social networking providers ,reading privacy agreements provided by them etc.

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