Quality Management Center

What is Quality, their can be many definitions for same such as:

  • Removal of defects
  • Conformance to requirements etc

Reasons for focussing and ensuring the same can be many, some are as below:

  • For getting increased profitability
  • For brand building
  • For increased customer satisfaction, retention & delivering value
  • Now days there are many areas from organisation itself for ensuring quality such as:
  • Internal auditing, testing and verification, supplier audits etc 

Challenges involved in ensuring and meeting quality requirements:

  • No Quality focus
  • No Quality Management System
  • Processes not defined
  • Maturity of processes in questionable & not in line with business objective

The question is how much expertise organisations have in addressing these challenges.

Without dedicated quality team with required capabilities fixing these gaps will remain issue.

Also having dedicated team for meeting will not be a profitable undertaking when outsourcing the same can be a viable option from value as well as cost perspective.

QLogy has dedicated team in Quality Management Centre with expertise such as:

  • Defining required procedures for quality management system in line with best standards such as ISO 20000, ISO 27001,ISO 9001etc.
  • Identifying areas of opportunities and improvement and performing internal as well as external audits
  • Performing maturity assessments for various processes defined within organisation that are important from quality perspective
  • Our dedicated team of resources in Quality Management Centre can benefit you with our existing capabilities and expertise as given above.

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