Security Operations Center

QLogy has a team of consultants & technology professionals, who are well versed with information security guidelines which organisation should follow & comply to.
It is difficult for many companies to have dedicated full time information security function. That is where QLogy provides needed services to address organisations security concerns.
IT Security threats can arise from many areas such as Web Applications, Network, from Malwares etc
QLogy provided dedicated & skilled resources which are adept in:

  • Identifying security threats in areas as above & recommending suitable solutions to client
  • Event Monitoring

Please note some of the capabilities specific to Information security are made available as part of Quality Management Centre which are:

  • Consulting expertise for information security management procedure definition and respective documentation for compliance to industry best standards
  • Assessment of security concerns and recommending appropriate responses for issues
  • Auditing information security assets as per laid down procedures

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